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Elidia Molina
Elidia Molina
20:53 05 Aug 15
My husband and I would give the Law Offices of Brown & Gessell ten stars if that were possible. Mr. Brown is not only very professional, but he is also very assertive, aggressive, and has great integrity. His office staff is very friendly and professional. We absolutely recommend their services to anyone.
Judie Fritz
Judie Fritz
20:13 08 Jul 15
I was hesitant to pursue legal action following surgery, not knowing if that was the Christian thing to do. Yet, my life had been changed and my orthopedic surgeon wasn't offering to help with any of the medical expenses incurred now or in the future due to his negligence. After speaking with Mr. Brown, he assured me that a lawsuit was the course to take to make things right for the injury I had sustained. Not knowing how to proceed with such things, Mr. Brown guided me through the entire process, from collecting records and information, through court proceedings. His confident presence in the courtroom made me feel that I was being fairly represented. He took a personal interest in relieving my anxiety during an otherwise stressful period. Simply said, this is a man with integrity to do the right thing.
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