Pedestrian v. Grocery Store (Total Award: $675,000)A woman was standing on the sidewalk in front of a grocery store waiting to speak with an employee of the store. A few minutes later, the employee drove to the front of the store and lost control of his car. The employee drove the car onto the sidewalk and over the top of the woman. The employee’s car dragged the woman for several feet as she was trapped beneath the vehicle. Several people, including the woman’s husband, had to lift the vehicle to free her from beneath the car. The accident resulted in severe injury to the woman including several fractures to her pelvis and a collapsed lung.

The first two attorneys to handle the case tried to convince the woman to settle the case for the minimum policy limits of the employee driver. The previous attorneys stressed the difficulty of bringing a lawsuit against the grocery store. In frustration, the woman turned to the personal injury attorneys at Brown & Gessell. After several depositions, the attorneys at Brown & Gessell were able to settle the woman’s case for more than 40 times the amount of the employee’s insurance policy. This money helped the woman get the medical treatment she needed to return to the life she had before the accident.