Medical Malpractice Attorney Stockton

Written by: Steven L. Brown

Photo of Doctor in Handcuffs Holding Stethoscope You trust your life and your livelihood to doctors, hospitals and medical staff. When they are negligent in your care, it can drastically change your life and may even lead to the death of a loved one. Many do not know where to go to seek help. Further complicating this trying time is the complexity of Medical Malpractice, both in the medicine and specialized legal principles. The average attorney who is not skilled in these areas does not have the experience to solve the challenging issues that arise in these cases. The Stockton personal injury lawyers at Brown & Gessell have spent almost two decades representing clients in Medical Malpractice cases. Their experience in settling and trying cases is diverse and spans most areas of medicine, from labor and delivery, to orthopedics, to delay in diagnosis of cancers, to many others areas of medical care and treatment. Brown & Gessell can answer many pressing questions, such as:

  • What do I need to do to protect my rights?
  • What can I do to protect the accuracy and integrity of the medical records?
  • How can I hold them responsible for what they have done?
  • Who should I talk to (Hospital Risk Managers, Insurance Representatives, Staff or Doctors)?
  • Why choose Brown & Gessell to represent you in the San Joaquin Valley?

Take Immediate Action:
Many are reluctant to even contemplate a potential medical malpractice action. Consequently, even though they suspect negligence, they do not take steps to preserve their case. Many convince themselves that nothing is wrong. They look past clear errors in medical management, refusing to acknowledge that improper care and treatment has occurred. Never could a doctor or medical provider commit negligence and injure a patient. California law, as set forth in the Jury Instruction that is used in every medical malpractice case, defines the standard of care as the failure to “use the level of skill, knowledge, and care in diagnosis and treatment that other reasonably careful” physicians “would use in the same or similar circumstances.” California Civil Jury Instruction (CACI) 501. Though most may not know what a “reasonably careful physician” standard is, they suspect some aspect of the management is not right. It is at such times that having a firm with the experience to distinguish poor medical care from negligent medical care is essential. Having a resource and experienced medical malpractice attorneys behind you each step of the way, will prevent losing valuable time and evidence.Protect your rights with a catastrophic injury lawyer from Brown & Gessell.

Brown & Gessell has represented clients injured by medical errors in Stockton, Tracy, Lodi, Modesto, Fresno, Bakersfield and many cities throughout Northern California.

Steven L. Brown was a partner in a well-respected medical malpractice defense firm in the San Francisco Bay Area. He spent most of his career representing doctors and hospitals throughout Northern California. He understands how the attorneys and insurance companies approach these cases. He has spent many hours and many cases understanding medical issues and can focus on the key to your case. It is important that you have someone on your side to fight for you and your family. Call us today at (209) 430-5480.

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to protect my rights?

You need to act quickly, as there are time limits in bringing an action against a medical provider and even shorter time limits when the medical provider is a government entity or employed by a government entity, such as a county or county-employed physician.

What can I do to protect the accuracy and integrity of the medical records?

Under Health & Safety Code, §123119, patients can inspect and/or copy their medical records by submitting a written request. The original records remain the property of the medical provider, and patients are responsible for reasonable fees associated with retrieval and copying. The provider must supply the records within 15 days. Having a personal copy of your medical records before legal proceedings can be beneficial as it allows your attorney to review the case and detect any changes in records provided later by the medical provider.

How can I hold them responsible for what they have done?

Accountability and restoration are key to justice. However, medical providers seldom admit fault or seek to rectify their mistakes. Identifying medical negligence and filing a claim against the liable provider is often the most effective way to enforce responsibility.

At Brown & Gessell, we can help you uncover the truth and pursue the responsible parties, only proceeding with claims where we identify negligence. If the medical mistake in question resulted in the passing of your loved one, bringing on a wrongful death lawyer is of the utmost importance. Your journey toward holding medical providers accountable begins with our assistance.

Who should I talk to?

You should not talk to the medical provider, his insurance company, or a risk manager at the hospital without legal representation. They are rarely there to aid you and what you say may be used against you later if you pursue legal action against the hospital or doctor. Contact us and allow us to aid you in navigating this often confusing and challenging period.

Why choose Brown & Gessell to represent you in the San Joaquin Valley?

Located in Stockton, the hub of San Joaquin County, Brown & Gessell offers expertise and local insight for your case. Partners Douglas A. Gessell, a lifelong local resident, and Steven L. Brown, a community member for 20 years, are intimately familiar with Stockton’s courts, judges, lawyers, and potential jurors. Gessell has a history of representing accident victims for 12 years, while Brown, a past President of the San Joaquin County Bar Association, formerly represented hospitals and doctors. Their combined knowledge of the local area, courts, hospitals, and neighborhoods gives you a strategic edge in your case.