Cycling Safety LegislationAB 1371 Safe Passing of Cyclists LawAB 1371, dubbed the “Safe Passing Law,” has reached the Governor’s desk, having passed the State House and Senate. This law prescribes specific action that is required of a motorist when passing a cyclist. A driver approaching a cyclist must allow 3 feet between the vehicle and the cyclist when passing. There is accommodation for the driver to cross over double-yellow lines and other traffic limiting lines, when safe, to accomplish this. If the road or traffic conditions do not permit this safe distance, the driver may pass with less distance once slowed to a reasonable speed and in a manner that does not endanger the cyclist. There is a minimal fine of $35 for violation of this law, unless the violation results in injury to the cyclist, which then triggers a $220 fine. The Governor has vetoed similar laws in the past, though 22 states have such laws on the books at present.