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Brown & Gessell is located in Stockton, the County Seat of San Joaquin County, and central to the San Joaquin Valley. The personal injury attorneys at Brown & Gessell are uniquely qualified to handle your case here in Stockton because they are intimately familiar with the City of Stockton, its courts, its judges and staff, the local attorneys and with the people that will make up the jury who may hear and decide your case. Douglas A. Gessell was raised in San Joaquin County, and Steven L. Brown has raised his family for the last 20 years in the County. Mr. Gessell has attended school and church in Stockton and has worked for the Stockton Unified School District as well as several local businesses. He has been representing accident victims in Stockton for the past 12 years. Mr. Brown is the past President and a member of the Board of Directors of the San Joaquin County Bar Association and a past member of the American Inn of Courts. Prior to representing injured individuals, he represented hospitals and doctors throughout the Central Valley. Their familiarity with the streets, highways, waterways, courts, hospitals and neighborhoods allows them very personal insight into the area where your case arose. Start your case with an advantage.


Steven L. Brown has made his home in Tracy for the past 20 years, raising his children in Tracy. The family has participated in local sports and has been educated in the public schools. He was a commuter to the Bay Area while he served as an associate and a partner in an East Bay Area law firm. He is familiar with Tracy, its businesses, schools and people. He is actively involved in his local Church and service in the community. Having someone who knows the area is instrumental in successfully prosecuting your case. Brown & Gessell has served clients in personal injury and medical malpractice actions in and around Tracy.

Douglas Gessell lived in Tracy for several years before going to law school. He worked as a teacher for Tracy High School and his son attended school at Central Elementary School in Tracy. His wife Natalie is originally from Tracy and his extended family still live there.


The partners at Brown & Gessell have been involved in service to the Manteca community and have represented clients in Manteca in personal injury and medical malpractice cases. They are familiar with the medical facilities and roads throughout the Manteca area. They have participated in sporting and educational events throughout Manteca. Having someone who knows the area is instrumental in successfully prosecuting your case.


Lodi is the heart of the Valley’s wine country. With family in the Lodi area, Douglas A. Gessell has been involved in activities in the area for many years. He attended high school at Tokay High School and has worked with numerous clients in the Lodi area. He knows the streets, neighborhoods and people of the area. Brown & Gessell have represented clients in Lodi and brought actions against Lodi Memorial Hospital and associated physicians. The partners are familiar with the area, streets and people of the area.

San Joaquin Valley & Northern/Central California

The attorneys at Brown & Gessell have represented clients throughout Northern and Central California, with clients from Bakersfield to the Bay Area, and as far north as Redding. They have settled and tried cases diverse in geography and case type. The firm enjoys referrals from attorneys and firms throughout Central and Northern California, who are seeking to have the trial-experienced attorneys of Brown & Gessell intervene and secure the best settlements and verdicts possible. It is not uncommon for the partners to visit clients at their home and to inspect the site of the accident or incident. Centrally located, we have the ability to travel and investigate, first-hand, the witnesses and circumstances surrounding your case.

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