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How to File an Incident Report if You Get Hurt on Someone’s Property

Injuries can happen anywhere. For example, you could have visited someone else's property and gotten injured. While it is human nature not to want to make a big deal out of it, in Stockton, CA, landowners have the legal obligation to keep their properties free from potential hazards. In the world of personal injury law, such situations are known as premises liabilities, and it holds the property owner legally liable for any injuries caused on their property due to their failure to maintain a safe environment. Whether you have been injured on public, private, commercial, or government property, you have [...]

Should I Ride In an Ambulance After an Accident?

Taking a ride in an ambulance is not something you would consider until you are injured. Sometimes people avoid taking an ambulance due to high costs, ranging from $200 to $2,000. However, if you suffered severe injuries and are in critical condition, you will not have much say in the matter, as you will be taken to a hospital by ambulance or other emergency vehicles. But if you are conscious, the emergency team will ask whether you want to ride in an ambulance or get to the hospital by having someone else transport you or drive yourself. It would be [...]

What To Do After a Car Accident While Pregnant

Car accidents occur every day, and, unfortunately, everyone is just as susceptible as the next. As a pregnant woman, however, you have more to worry about, as it is your priority to ensure the safety of your unborn child. Any time you are involved in a car accident while pregnant, regardless if it is a minor fender-bender or a severe collision, it is in your best interest to get examined by a doctor or medical provider as soon as possible. In fact, it is even more important to get evaluated if you experience any blow or impact to your abdomen [...]

Can I Negotiate My Own Personal Injury Settlement?

If you have been injured in a personal injury accident, it is possible to seek compensation in California without an attorney. While the state does not require you to have a personal injury lawyer in such cases, and you can legally accept an insurance payout, it is only recommended if you have suffered minor losses and injuries or have experience in handling your own legal matters. Just like installing a new roof without being a roofer, some things are best left to the professionals and experts. Negotiating with insurance companies can be a challenging process spanning several months. After this [...]

How Much Is My Commercial Truck Accident Case Worth?

Getting into any kind of accident is a scary situation. However, when you are involved in an accident with a commercial truck, the consequences can be dire. Because these types of trucks weigh so much more than the average passenger vehicle, even when they are not carrying a load, they can cause catastrophic injuries and death. Determining what your commercial truck accident case is worth will depend on various factors. Some of them will include the extent of your injuries and property damage, but it will go much further than that, especially if multiple parties are involved. According to the [...]

Understanding Uber’s $1 Million Insurance Policy

You may call an Uber because you need a ride to work when your car is in the shop or while visiting another city. Other times, you may be doing what you think is the smart and safe thing when you are out drinking. However, just because you call an Uber driver, it does not automatically guarantee that you will get to your destination safely. In fact, the driver may be abiding by the laws and driving with due diligence. However, another driver could crash into their vehicle, or your driver could be intoxicated. That is why it is important [...]

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