Mark v. William G. Low, DDS

In March, 2017 a San Joaquin County jury returned a premises liability verdict on behalf of Ginny Mark against William G. Low, DDS.

Steven L. Brown and Douglas A. Gessell, of the Law Offices of Brown & Gessell, represented Ms. Mark. The last offer made by the insurance company for Dr. Low was $50,000. The verdict after costs was $373,277.00.

In October, 2014, plaintiff, Ginny Mark, 58, a para-educator, underwent a routine dental X-ray in the office of her dentist. During the X-ray the entire machine dislodged from the wall and landed on the top of Ms. Mark’s head. Ms. Mark had been reclined in the dental chair with her eyes closed at the time of the trauma. She suffered head and neck injuries. She was treated by multiple providers for progressive neck pain that became chronic. She was undergoing Radiofrequency Ablation (RFA) procedures for her chronic neck pain annually. The jury awarded medical costs, including future medical costs for RFA’s. She was also awarded $2,265.12 in lost wages.