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Written by: Steven L. Brown

When serious accidents that result in catastrophic injuries or death arise, the personal injury attorneys at Brown & Gessell will be there to represent you in your time of need. Along the San Joaquin River and the greater Northern California area, you will want an experienced personal injury attorney in Stockton to be by your side to help you move forward.

As Stockton personal injury attorneys, the Law Offices of Brown & Gessell take great pride in representing victims in the area for car accidents, wrongful death, and other personal injury cases. At our core, we value honesty, hard work, and dedication. It is our mission to give you our utmost level of personal attention in everything that we do.

If you or someone you love has suffered an injury through someone’s negligence, contact us today to discuss your case. We will seek justice for your personal injury claim and work to recover the compensation you deserve.

What Are The Most Common Personal Injury Cases in Stockton, California?

Personal injuries will happen for many different reasons. Each case is incredibly unique, which means that you will need a personal injury attorney that understands the legal issues at hand. At the Law Offices of Brown & Gessell, our personal injury attorneys all have experience with a wide range of personal injury cases to help you.

Car accidents, medical malpractice, cycling accidents, defective products, and wrongful death cases are the most common in Stockton. These often result in injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, fractures, and amputations.

The impact of these types of injuries may be lifelong. It is imperative that you work with a personal injury law firm that has the experience needed to fight for you. Contact Brown & Gessell today for your free consultation.

Personal Injury Lawyer Stockton Practice Areas

For any personal injury case, you need a team of experienced personal injury lawyers working on your behalf. At the Law Offices of Brown & Gessell, your personal injury attorneys in Stockton, CA, we will represent you or your family member for your personal injury lawsuit in the following practice areas.

A Car On Its Roof After A Crash

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As Stockton personal injury lawyers, we know the aftermath of accidents can be traumatic. For car accidents, big rig accidents, cycling accidents, motorcycle accidents, and pedestrian accidents, the high cost of property damages and medical expenses only add to your stress. Stockton, CA has a high number of car accidents that result in serious injury or fatality.

If you experienced physical injuries through an accident caused by someone else, let us help you recover financial compensation for your car accident damages and future medical expenses. Contact our offices today to discuss your personal injury case and get started on your financial recovery with a car accident lawyer.

A Car On Its Roof After A Crash

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Wrongful Death

Whether through a motor vehicle accident, product defects, medical errors, or a work-related incident, your family’s loss of a loved one may seem insurmountable. The devastation that follows a wrongful death is often too much to bear. Brown & Gessell is your Stockton personal injury lawyer team that can help surviving members receive proper compensation and…

hold those responsible accountable.

If a loved one passed away due to the fault of someone else, our Stockton, CA personal injury law firm will be there to help you proceed through your personal injury case.

A Car On Its Roof After A Crash

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Medical Malpractice

When doctors, hospitals, and medical staff are negligent in your care, it may alter your life forever. It could even lead to the death of someone you love, leaving you lost for what you should do next. Your Stockton personal injury attorneys at Brown & Gessell have extensive experience in representing medical malpractice cases. With a diverse…

background that covers most practice areas of medicine, you can count on us to be your legal representation throughout it all.

A Car On Its Roof After A Crash

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Product Defect

Defective medical devices can cause serious injury. While technological advances such as heart defibrillators, pacemakers, breast implants, and more, have broken new ground in the medical field, defective ones can lead to serious injuries. Your Stockton personal injury lawyers at Brown & Gessell will represent you against the manufacturers and sellers of these…

defective devices. Contact our Stockton, CA law firm today to discuss your case.

A Car On Its Roof After A Crash

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Major Injury

Whether through an auto accident or some other type of accident, responsible parties must pay when you or someone you love has endured a serious or life-threatening injury. For brain injury, spinal cord injury, paralysis, neck injuries, and other catastrophic injuries, you should not leave anything to chance. All injury victims deserve…

proper representation for their personal injury claims, especially with head and brain injuries. Schedule a free consultation with Stockton personal injury attorneys at Brown & Gessell today.

A Car On Its Roof After A Crash

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Serious Work Injuries

Personal injuries that are suffered at work are often a challenge. Construction accidents and other accidents that happen while on the job can not only take time to recuperate from but also lead to lost wages and major medical bills. The insurance company may make it difficult for you to get the medical treatment you need.

Choose a Stockton, California attorney experienced in handling your personal injury matter and get the maximum compensation you deserve.

A Car On Its Roof After A Crash

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Dog Bites

Our Stockton personal injury attorneys understand the trauma that can come from an animal attack. At Brown & Gessell, we know that California has the most dog bites out of any other state. The personal injuries you sustain from this experience may result in major medical bills and disfigurement. If a dog bite happened because of another party’s…

negligence, contact us to recover your losses for your wounds.

Motorcycle On Its Side

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Motorcycle Accidents

Whether it resulted in a head injury, broken bones, PTSD, or major property loss, the aftermath of a Stockton motorcycle accident may seem too much to handle. The devastation that follows a motorcycle accident can be very overwhelming. Bring in the team of personal injury lawyers at Brown & Gessell to ensure you receive proper compensation… 

and hold those responsible accountable. During your free case consultation, we will discuss the details of your case. Your injury lawyer at Brown & Gessell will ask about the circumstances of the accident, any injuries you have sustained, any medical expenses you have incurred, any lost wages you have experienced, and about the impact these injuries have had on your daily life. We will explain your rights, potential legal options, and our approach to cases like yours. The Stockton personal injury attorney at Brown & Gessell will also discuss our fee structure. We work on a contingency basis, meaning that we get paid only if you win or settle your case, and we usually absorb all costs if you do not.

Worker Repairing A Truck

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Truck Accidents

When a truck and a car crash, the result is often catastrophic injury. Our personal injury lawyers also handle commercial truck accidents. Contact us for a free consultation today to learn more about who we can hold accountable for your severe injuries, including the driver, trucking company, truck manufacturer, and more.

Cyclist Holding His Knee In Pain After An Accident

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Bicycle Accidents

Auto accidents that involve a car, truck, van, or SUV and a bicycle often leave the injury victim with expensive, painful injuries. The bicycle rider will need medical care right away, and often will need future medical care that can last months to years.  Car insurance adjusters will not have your best interest in mind. Injured victims should not pay for someone… 

else’s negligence and our personal injury law experts will ensure they do not.  At Brown & Gessell, we have experience both as cyclists who have been the victim of a car versus cyclist accident and as an attorney representing injured cyclists.

Woman Laying On The Ground After A Fall

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Slip And Fall Accidents

You can also file an accident claim if you fell on someone’s property as the result of their inability to maintain it in the way the law requires. These incidents are a common type of personal injury case and typically fall under the umbrella of premises liability claims. They can occur in various settings, such as…

retail stores, workplaces, or private homes, and often involve factors like wet floors, uneven surfaces, poor lighting, or hidden dangers. Brown & Gessell offers free consultations with our legal team for those dealing with pain and medical bills from a slip, trip, and fall.

Why You Should Get Help From a Personal Injury Lawyer in Stockton, California

It is a lot to deal with when you are suffering in pain from your injuries or grieving over the untimely loss of a loved one. You may be in a state of shock through it all as you try to deal with an insurance company that has not offered you sufficient financial recovery to adequately cover your losses.

The anger you feel is justified, and you are likely overwhelmed about what you need to do next or how to get back to normal after your accident. Your personal injury lawyers at Brown & Gessell may not be able to return your life back to the way it was before your personal injury occurred. However, we can promise that we will use our extensive personal injury expertise in preparing your case. In this way, we can help you and your family gain greater financial security in moving forward.

Person Consulting With Attorney

What Your Personal Injury Attorney at Brown & Gessell Can Do for You

Injuries from a car accident case, fall accidents, negligent property owners, and more can leave you in lasting physical pain. Additionally, your ability to work may be affected, which puts your financial situation at risk. These disruptions and worries about the uncertainty of your future are incredibly upsetting.

Brown & Gessell in Stockton will seek justice and work to restore security in your life after your injury. We will seek compensation on your behalf and help you move on with your life. Call us today for a free consultation and we will take action on your behalf with our extensive knowledge of the legal system and solid experience in handling personal injury cases.

When you work with Brown & Gessell, we offer:

  • A free initial consultation
  • Flexible business hours to accommodate you
  • Home and hospital visits are available
  • Personal care from partners and staff
  • Bilingual services in Spanish
  • Your attorney works with you from beginning to end
Take Legal Action With Brown & Gessell

Accidents caused by a negligent party mean that you must take action. We will pursue the at-fault party in your case and fight for your rights. Our team of personal injury lawyers has extensive knowledge, experience, and resourcefulness that have gained successful results for our clients.

When navigating the legal process in Stockton, California, especially after such traumatic incidents, it is imperative that you choose an attorney that will seek compensation from the insurance company, medical care facility, or negligent person.

A Woman In A Suit Looking At Her Laptop
Determining the Value of Your Personal Injury
Claim in Stockton

Our personal injury attorneys at the Law Offices of Brown & Gessell can look at your medical records, expenses, and loss of income when preparing your personal injury claim. We can help you account for those expenses plus any intangible losses you may have suffered. In the event of fatal accidents, we will help you recover compensation for the emotional distress resulting from the loss of someone you love.

You may feel lost and alone during this time, however, our experience assures you that you will have a team of attorneys that will be by your side through it all. At Brown & Gessell, we will hold those accountable for their negligence and get you what you are legally entitled to from your injuries.


The Law Offices of Brown & Gessell was recommended to my family by a friend. We hired Mr. Brown to represent us. By hiring him, it allowed my family and I get through a difficult time. He went above and beyond to help my family. The staff are extremely professional and caring. We highly recommended the Law Offices of Brown and Gessel!

Victor Avalos


Using brown & Gessell was absolutely the easiest process, they are quick to respond, helpful and made the process from a tragic accident easier than ever. I highly recommend this company. I truly am thankful for the company and their efforts during my case!

Samantha Leonard


Amazing people, Linda and the other secretaries are wonderful and Mr. Brown is an amazing lawyer. Made the process very easy to manage. Highly recommend.

Brad Bonneau


I have lived and worked in Stockton and Lodi and recently I was injured and needed the services of a good injury accident attorney... I had no idea which accident injury law practice to choose to represent me. I remember searching on Google for "The Best" injury accident law firm. That is how I was fortunate enough to find the offices of Brown and Gessell. I was represented by Mr. Doug Gessell in an accident injury case and honestly I couldn't have been more pleased with the work Mr. Gessell did in securing a very favorable outcome for me. I would highly recommend Brown and Gessell attorneys at law if you have been hurt or injured. Their office is extremely professional and they offer the best service available in my humble opinion! Thank you so much Doug! Your the best!

Marc Lewis


Attorney Steve Brown and his staff treated me with respect, listened carefully and answered all my questions. They fought vigorously and successfully got the best result possible from the insurance company, and negotiated a reduction in my medical bills. Thank you Steve and team for all your hard work! I would recommend your office to anyone who had a personal injury, hands-down.

Hy Cohen


My husband and I would give the Law Offices of Brown & Gessell ten stars if that were possible. Mr. Brown is not only very professional, but he is also very assertive, aggressive, and has great integrity. His office staff is very friendly and professional. We absolutely recommend their services to anyone.

Elidia Molina


I was hesitant to pursue legal action following surgery, not knowing if that was the Christian thing to do. Yet, my life had been changed and my orthopedic surgeon wasn't offering to help with any of the medical expenses incurred now or in the future due to his negligence. After speaking with Mr. Brown, he assured me that a lawsuit was the course to take to make things right for the injury I had sustained. Not knowing how to proceed with such things, Mr. Brown guided me through the entire process, from collecting records and information, through court proceedings. His confident presence in the courtroom made me feel that I was being fairly represented. He took a personal interest in relieving my anxiety during an otherwise stressful period. Simply said, this is a man with integrity to do the right thing.

Judie Fritz


I wanted to thank Mr. Brown for the discussion that we had related to my accident/injury. He was very helpful and informative. He took notes of the issues and the concerns that I had. He provided feedback and information relative to my accident/injury. If you are in need of this type of service, I would talk to him.

David Orian


My experience with Steve and his office has been amazing! Everyone is so friendly and on top of their work. Couldn’t have chosen a better Law office than Brown and Gessell!

Victoria Arnett



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Most injury victims are not familiar with legal processes, especially when it comes to seeking compensation for injuries and losses. Along with grief and pain, it makes it hard for you to know exactly what to do next.

Call our Stockton law firm at Brown & Gessell today to get started on your case. We will work hard to get you compensation. We offer a free initial consultation that will help you to better understand your rights and the legal options available to you. There are no upfront costs for personal injury claims as our attorneys work on a contingency basis.

Let us resolve your personal injury case by getting started today. There is no obligation to work with us, however, the information you receive may be instrumental in getting the results you need. Brown & Gessell stands up for those who have been wronged. Let us stand up for you and set you free from the stress to move forward with your life.

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